AQIS 1.3 / 4.6 Services

AQIS 1.3 / 4.6 Services2020-10-19T13:47:39+10:00

AQIS Directed container unpack and Fumigation services

TNS Logistics is excited to announce we are now approved for 1.3 Sea and Air freight (restricted) and 4.6 Fumigation services operating under QAP code Q2935

We offer the following services

  • AQIS/DAFF Directed container unpack
  • FCL and LCL Fumigation
  • Quarantine inspection facilities
  • Disposal of prohibited packing materials

All rates include Fumigation, Lifts, Pad hire and three day storage.

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AQIS 1.3 / 4.6 Services
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